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Sports professionals

If you are a sports professional, Jon is qualified and insured to help you prepare before and after your event. Sports Massage can help maintain healthy muscles, prevent injuries and enable you to train to your maximum potential.

If you are unfortunate enough to have sustained an injury, Jon can help rehabilitate and treat the problem to get you up and running in the optimum time

Dance professionals

Having been a professional dancer and teacher of modern dance at leading dance schools including Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and The Place (home to London Contemporary Dance School), Jon's extensive experience in Sports Massage has enabled him to help many dancers and dance students progress through their dance and stage careers 


Gym training

If you enjoy regular part-time gym / sports training while juggling a busy work life, Sports Massage can be an essential component to help you reach your training goals and reduce work stress.

Training for strength, endurance, or cardiovascular fitness? Jon is a qualified gym based fitness instructor so can help you reach your goals.

Relaxation & bell-being

Suffering from life's stresses, juggling a busy household, work and family, or maybe you simply love to pamper yourself and relax? Whatever the reason you don't need an excuse to have a treat and book a massage!